Are You Charged with a Crime?

A criminal attorney is your most valuable ally when you are facing criminal charges. Without a deliberate and strategic defense campaign, the prosecution can aggressively execute their case against you unchecked. This leaves you open to massive injustices such as undeserved convictions, tremendous penalties and the suspension of many of your civil rights. When you are facing the loss of your freedom, reputation, career and relationships, don’t wait to enlist the help of a legal professional who will battle by your side for a positive outcome in your case. The sooner you bring legal representation on board, the more opportunity they have to lead an effective defense on your behalf.

Areas of Practice

Our firm has extensive experience across the gamut of criminal charges and knows how best to approach charges involving:

Assault charges apply to any situation in which an individual’s communication or behavior threatens the likely application of force to another person. An attempt to commit an act of this kind, with the ability to do so, legally constitutes assault, whether or not physical violence actually occurred.

Aggravated Assault
An assault charge may be enhanced to a charge of aggravated assault if certain factors are allegedly present. These include attempting to cause serious bodily injury to another person, or threatening to do so while being able to carry out that threat. The use of a deadly weapon or violence against police officers and other public servants may also lead to this charge.

Whereas assault refers to the threatened or attempted use of violent force against another, battery involves the actual application of force or violence to another person. Certain factors may lead to charges of aggravated battery. Defenses can include self defense, defense or others, unintentional acts and more.

Domestic Violence
Domestic violence charges are treated very seriously in California and law enforcement may choose to continue the case against a suspect even if the alleged victim does not wish to press charges. Penalties can include fines, imprisonment and more and such a case can have a severe adverse effect on any custody actions.

Drug Crimes
Drug charges can include possession, transportation, distribution and cultivation, any one of which has the potential of resulting in imprisonment if you are convicted. Penalties are affected by the type and amount of drug involved, the specific circumstances of the alleged offense and your criminal record.

DUI charges initiate two proceedings against you: a criminal case and administrative actions against your driver’s license. Your legal counsel can represent you in both and question the validity of your stop, any tests administered and more. Our firm can help if you are facing a DUI & drugs, a suspended license or a charge of vehicular manslaughter.

Expungement is a clearing of your criminal record which offers many advantages, including the right to answer “no” to questions of whether you have a criminal record on job applications, housing applications and the like. Our legal team can help you to determine if you qualify for expungement, help you become eligible when possible and guide you through the entire process.

Gang Related Crimes
Our founding attorney spent 18 years as a gang homicide prosecutor with the Orange County District Attorney’s Office and trained police and other DA’s of the Orange County Gang Investigator’s Association. His experience on this side of the process gives us rare and invaluable insight into how best to defend gang related crimes.

Juvenile Crimes
Charges relating to juvenile crime require defense by a dedicated legal team sensitive to the potential effects such an experience can have on the life of a young person. A strategic approach to such a case can save the child from risk to their education and employment opportunities, emotional distress and in some cases, a life of crime.

Manslaughter charges are divided into those of voluntary manslaughter and involuntary manslaughter. The former applies to a killing committed during a sudden quarrel or in the heat of passion. The latter applies to causing a death without malice, intent to kill, nor a conscious disregard for human life. In some cases, a murder charge may be reduced to a voluntary manslaughter charge.

Murder is the unlawful killing of another human being with malice aforethought. This can include the killing of a fetus where circumstances make the action unlawful. Murder charges are divided into first degree and second degree, depending on the specific factors of the case. This can affect the potential penalties involved, though they are severe in either case.

Sex Crimes
Sex crimes include any offense of a sexual nature, including rape, child pornography, prostitution, solicitation, indecent exposure, sexual abuse, internet sex crimes and more. Many sex offenses are charged as felonies and penalties can include fines, imprisonment, lifetime registration as a sex offender and more.

Street Terrorism
California Law contains specific legislation known as the California Street Terrorism Enforcement and Prevention Act aimed at “fear, intimidation, and physical harm caused by the activities of violent groups and individuals.” These types of crimes are aggressively prosecuted and require the defense of a skilled criminal attorney.

Theft Crimes
Theft crimes take many forms, such as burglary, robbery, shoplifting, larceny, breaking and entering, carjacking, unauthorized use of credit and more. Even if funds or property are not successfully stolen, an alleged attempt can still lead you to being charged with a theft crime.

Weapon Offenses
Weapon offenses refer to those involving the unlawful possession or use or a weapon of any description. Penalties can vary depending on the type of weapon, what was allegedly done or attempted with the use of a weapon and the amount of weapons involved or the scope of the operation.

Experienced Legal Counsel Fighting for Your Rights

RKR Legal knows the justice system inside out. We have unparalleled experience with serious cases, special circumstance cases and third strike cases and many of our legal efforts have garnered media attention. Regardless of the charges you are facing, our legal team can take our experience and knowledge and develop a compelling defense on your behalf. We offer a free consultation so that you may have your questions answered and find out how we can help you.